History and legend

The name Kilamupican be dated back to the place of origin where the coffee is cultivated now. Kalimupiis derived from the word keamup, a term used in the language of the Shuar Indians, an Indian native culture. Keamupis an area of shadow and darkness.

A long time ago (about 70 years) when there were neither roads nor transport to this remote place, the grandfather of the family Mancheno, Gustavo Mancheno, used to walk to his farm and started cultivating that land. He was a hard-working man who spent all his life taking care of his land and preserving it for future generations. The new farm is part of the original one and run in memory of Gustavo. We are all proud of possessing a coffee plantation at such an amazing place.

If you would like to visit our farm, feel free to contact us in order to arrange a suitable appointment. We would be glad to welcome you as our guests in this marvellous place.

Jose Merino


José Merino organizes all the activities on the farm and also monitors the coffee roasting process. He is a passionate advocate of sustainability and shows great respect for the environment.