Coffee Plantation

On our plantation we cultivate pre-selected coffee trees of the species Arabica Boubon-Vanilla and Arabica Catuai. We guarantee a 100 % organic cultivation, including further ecological measures (reforestation) to protect the original natural environment.

The coffee plantation provides the best growing conditions with a lot of biomass and bio-diversity, which leads to a better harvest resulting from little damage caused by insects.

The area is a refuge for different species of birds, native trees and orchids.

Coffee plants are partly grown in a shadowy environment.

Biodiversity is supported by guavas, guayabas and banana trees.

Best organic gourmet coffee


Our coffee is hand harvested to ensure that only ripe cherries are picked from the coffee trees. There are generally two harvests a year that are done within a period of about 4 weeks. As cherries mature differently, a daily picking of the coffee fruits is necessary to guarantee the best quality and aroma.

Arabian Coffee 0

Depulping of the coffee fruits.

After harvesting, the ripe cherries are washed to remove any undesirable material such as dirt and stones.

The coffee bean is actually the seed inside the coffee cherry. The cherry fruit must be separated properly from the bean. This process is called pulping. In the pulping machine the two coffee beans are extracted from the coffee cherry and the skin and pulp removed. The pulp that has been removed is used as fertiliser again.

Drying method


In the drying method all the cherries are put on a nylon woven cloth spread out on metal bands installed on drying beds slightly raised from the ground to ensure air circulation around the cherries.

Again the cherries must be sorted out to separate any damaged or unripe ones. They are now kept in a dry, hot place and turned regularly until the moisture content has been reduced.

Sorting must first take place in order to eradicate any damaged, unripe, or otherwise defective cherries.

Coffee roasting

After the outer skin has been removed and the beans are dry enough, another preselection phase starts, the roasting.

At Kilamupi we use the best equipment manufactured in Germany and Italy for the roasting process to ensure the high quality of our coffee.